Exciting Viewing of the 2015 Ford Mustang


The latest spy photographs of the 2015 Ford Mustang show something exciting about the new design. Obviously the car was camouflaged when it was photographed during testing, but through this disguise, it can be seen that the shape has changed. As expected the main body is based on the 2011 model, but it will have some changes. It also seems to have independent rear suspension, which is something that has been long awaited.
The photos show the car with black camouflage which is very thick and so conclusions can be hard to draw. However the shape of the grille looks very much like that of the Ford Fusion. It ialso has many similarities with the Evos.
The hood is sloped and the fascia is at a height which will easily confirm with the European safety standards for pedestrians. Most of the car has been clad with Mustang bodywork but it is still possible to see something of the undercarriage and the stampings that surround it.
It is felt that the engine space is small and therefore the V8 engine may not fit, but the 5.0-litre will just squeeze in. This implied that the Ford Mustang will probably have the Ecoboost that many people are hoping for.


  1. “However the shape of the grille looks very much like that of the Ford Fusion. ”
    First, you can not even see the grill. Second, did it ever cross your mind that Ford recycled the black bra from the one used on the Fusion when it was under development?


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