Exciting Shots Taken of Land Rover Discovery 4 2013


Land Rover will be making some significant changes to its Discovery 4. It will be getting supercharged V6 power for a start which will replace the V8 5.0-liter engine in some models. This may seem like a downsizing exercise, but it will reduce fuel consumption as well CO2 emissions and it will still perform really well.
This upgrade is bering targeted at the North American, Middle East and Chinese markets. In the UK, the V6 diesel is the only option for the Discovery and it is not likely that this will be changing.
This new discovery will get the F-type S’s version of the V6 which has 332Lb ft torque as well as 375bhp. This is very close to what the V8 currently has but without the big carbon footprint that comes with it. The fuel economy should be a lot better too with the V8 doing 20.4 miles a gallon but the new model will be nearer top the mid twenties. It is also expected that the CO2 output will go down from the current 335g/km to less than 300g/kg.
There will be some similarities with the eight speed ZF gearbox being kept. They will not be able to have the nine speed automatic that the Evoque has got from the autumn in 2013 which is because they do not work with the longitudinally mounted motors that the discoverys have but the transverse mounted engines that other models have.
There are some other changes expected in the new Discovery as well. It will no longer have the Led lights that are around the light clusters on the current models. These will be replaces with LED strips that can be seen on the new Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque. There will also be a chjhnage in grille shape with cut outs that have an elliptical shape that allow the headlights to come through. The car photographed has the old style rear.


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