Exciting News of the VW Jetta Coupe 2017


Exciting News of the VW Jetta Coupe 2017
The Jetta Coupe will be an exciting car as it is crucial for the brand to make an impression and ocme up with some new styles. The Jetta and its variants produce 1.7 million units a year which is massive compared to the 850,000 units for the Golf. This means that it is important for VW to make sure that the car holds its appeal.  It is expected that there will be a greater choice of body styles in the new model to appeal to all of the potential customers.
The current Jetta has been around in Europe since 2010 and in 2014 at the New York Motor Show it was revealed that it would be having a facelift. In the UK sales are pretty low and the facelift will tide it over until the new model comes out. There will be a saloon, estate and Alltrack model and it is expected that there will also be a fourth variant as well.
There are many rumours about what that might possibly be. It was thought that it might be a New Midsize coupe but rumours say that this is not an option because it is not a five seater but a two by two. This means that a coupe could be the answer with two doors – perhaps a cheaper version of the Scirocco.
Two door models are very popular in North America with Honda having sold Civic and Accord in a coupe version and so it could mean that a two door coupe would be the perfect thing for this market.
The Jetta is likely to be bigger as well, with a longer length meaning that there will be more leg room in the two door version as well as a good amount of space in the estate and saloon versions.
The engines could be anything as the car is on the highly flexible MQB platform. It is capable of natural gas, hybrid and EV engines but it is expected that the turbocharged petrol power plants that are very frugal, will be the choice for the Jetta. It is expected that there will be a lot of hybrid options especially with emission laws tightening and the fact that the group as a whole is pushing more plug in hybrid models. It is also expected that things will be kept lightweight so that the emission and fuel efficiency will improve even though the car is bigger,
The car will either be built at Pueblo, Mexico or the Chattanooga plant with all models in the same factory. It is Chattanooga that currently provides the Jetta’s for distribution all over the world.


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