Early Sightings of the Porsche Macan


The new Porsche Macan was carelessly left ar a gas station recently. Although it was dark, it still enabled eagle eyed photographers to take stills and video of it. From these, it can be concluded that it is the same model that has been seen and pictured before with camo-clad exterior.
It has been able to help confirm some rumours though. It does seem like that Audi Q5 is the skeleton for the new car and it is likely to have a slightly modified version of the 272 horsepower 3.0 litre engine. There have been suggestions that tthere will also be an electrically assisted version with a 2.0 lire four cylinder engine and maybe a 370 horsepower with twin turbo.

It does seem like the Macan will be a competitor to the Range Rover Esque which is expected to be a very popular car. This means that the three –door Macan could also be very popular once it gets released.

Video Porsche Macan


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