E-Class and 5-Series Planned by Alfa Romeo on 2015


E-Class and 5-Series Planned by Alfa Romeo on 2015
There have been sources reporting that Alfa Romeo may decide to go after new segments of the market and try to rival the Mercedes E-class and the BMW 5-series. It is felt that the E segment vehicle may have Masarati underpinnings and will arrive in 2015.
Of course, last year there were similar rumours that were quashed by Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne when he very clearly sad that he had so much work to do in other segments that he was not planning an E car for a very long time. However, their new sales target of 50,000 sales by 2015 could be a big reason for them attacking this market sector again.
It is likely that it will be a new 166 but based on the Masarati Ghiblu platform. It will be a sports saloon and be placed in the market below the Quattroporte limo. It will be able to rival the established super saloon part of the market which at the moment includes the Jaguar XFR-S, Mercedes E63 AMG and BMW E5.
The Ghinli is a rear wheel drive vehicle and uses a shortened version of the Quattroporte platform with a smaller engine and this will be borrowed by Alfa Romeo to make its own saloon. It should mean that the cost will be lower and the driving more agile too.
I is likely to have the same engines as the Ghibli so either a petrol or diesel option of the turbocharged V6. This could produce 300bhp although in Europe it is likely that there will not only be a turbocharged MultiAir four cylinder but also an all wheel drive option too.


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