Dodge Challenger Hellcat Seen with Light Camo


The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has been seen testing with just a light amount of camouflage on it. It has strips of disguise on front and rear but it seems that since the Challenger was revealed at the New York auto show, there is no need to hide the exterior which is almost identical to it.
However, the photographers caught a few photos that confirmed that it was a Hellcat. It saw the centre mound and front facing air intake scoop for one and they managed to get a shot when the bonnet was up which showed the supercharger there. This could bring to mind the intakes that were used by Challenger Hemi owners 40 years ago and it seems that bringing back memories of the past has been part of the appeal of the car. It looks like it will have the same LED headlight halo, tail lamps, deep air dam and front fascias and the rest of the Challenger cars.
It is important for the company to keep the Challenger interesting which is why they are developing this car. They have competition from the 2015 Mustang which has been redesigned as well as its Shelby GT350 variant which rumour has it, has a V8 engine inside. Then it also is seeing competition from the Z/28 and the Camaro ZL-1. There is a lot to play for in this market segment.
It is expected that the platform will remain the same with the shortened LX platform that other cars in the range have. It could have some tweaks to dampers, spring rates and bushings and there are bright red Brembo calipers pictures which are more substantial than those being used on the current model.
It is expected that it will manage just above 600hp with 575 lb/ft torque. However, the SRT cheief Ralph Gilles revealed that it might be able to top the Viper which with its V10 engine manages 640hp. The current hemi is capable of 470hp and 470lb/ft torque. It seems that getting a high horsepower is not so hard as making the car durable and tractable.
It is expected that the car will arrive in the last quarter of this year. Nothing has been mentioned about pricing though but it is expected that it could be over $50k as the current Challenger SRT8 is $47,000.


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