Disguised Nissan Rogue Spotted


Nissan did promise that it would be releasing five new cars in five months and the Pathfinder, Versa note, Sentra and Altima are the first four and it seems like it will be the Rogue, that was recently seen out testing, that will be the fifth. It is very disguised in the pictures with lots of tape and black plastic however, it can still be seen that the shape looks like the Hi Cross that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. This could be a welcome change than the strange looking Rogue that is currently available.
There are not many details available about the new car. The photographers thought that it could be a 1.2 litre supercharged engine with four cylinders and therefore likely to be able to do 113 horsepower and 140 lb/ft torque. This does seem very low compared to the current model and so it may be unlikely that they would drop the power capability. It is expected that there will be a diesel engine as well and a plug in hybrid but it may not be available immediately.
If Nissan makes its timescales of showing the five new cars within fifteen months it means that the Rogue will be shown in July. However, it could f course be later, as they could fall behind with their schedule.


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