Developing BMW 3 series eDrive hydrid spied


BMW have been working hard lately on developing electric and hybrid powertrains for their vehicles, calling them their ActiveHybrid and ActiveE ranges as well as EV’s on some ranges. There looks to be a big bias towards plug in hybrids for this company. There were photos seen of the PHEV BMW X5 eDrive prototypes and now there have been pictures taken of a 3-series which is using this technology.
There are some obvious clues in the picture as to what this is such as the sides having ‘Hybrid test Vehicle’ but there is also a second fuel cap, which could very well be the electric charging point. It is probably using the same four cylinder engine turbocharged that was used for the X5 eDrive with the same electric motor as well. The X5 had a top speed of just 75mph with 0-62 in under 7 seconds and a range of under 20 miles. The sedan is a lot lighter though and this could mean that it will see better figures than the X5.


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