Details on the new Jaguar X260


Details on the new Jaguar X260
The new Jaguar XF will be a small version of the XJ but bigger than the XE from what the latest spy shots revealed by CAR magazine have shown.
The car is sometimes known as the XF Mk2 as well as the X260 and it was seen while in testing in West Midlands. The pictures show that there will be quite a change to the brand since Tata is in charge.
The F-type has already been launched in a soft-top and coupe model and a rival to the executive sector, they also plan a SUV in 2016. Then there is this replacement for the XF which is their best selling model.
The project has a codename of X260 and from the spy shots it can be seen that the face of the car is classic Jaguar style as it has narrow headlamps with LED running lights to accessorise it.
The shape is a typical three box saloon and twin exhausts and mirror indicators can also be seen but the styling details are all covered up under the disguise. This means that very little can be said about it at the moment.
However, some details are already known about the inside of the car, including that fact that it will be aluminium. The traces of Ford are slowly being eliminated so there will be no DEW98 architecture under riding this new model. The new will be architecture and Jaguar now make more aluminium cars than anyone else.
The platform will be rear wheel drive mainly, although there will be an option of four wheel drive for those that want it. This will be useful for those customers who live in conditions where there is a lot of snow or are not happy with the idea of a 550bhp engine going through just one axle.
The new platform will keep the footprint of the car the same as the current model but it will have better interior so there will be more space, both for people and baggage. This is important because the current model is not as spacious as the competition.
Sources at CAR have said that there will be a four door model to come first which appear late 2015 or at the start of 2016. Then there will be a XF estate the following year which will look similar to the Sportbrake which is sleek and spacious.
There is talk that the XF will push the market up. The X260 will have the Ingenium engine family installed in but the V6 and V8 are only likely on exported, sports or higher end models. The prototype that was pictures has a V6 engine which is 3.0 litres.
It is expected that there will be a nine speed ZF automatic as well as a stop start feature. Later will come a hybrid and this will make emissions even smaller meaning the fuel economy will also be improved.
This is important for Jaguar. This is because the XF was the first model to be led by styling director Ian Callum and so it was the car that signalled the rebirth of Jaguar making it a more modern and attractive model, breaking out of its old stereotype.


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