Details of the 2015 Toyota Prius


There is new information on the fourth generation Toyota Prius. There is a low nose, which is rather radical and probably the most notable feature of the car as well as no upper air intake. There are also horizontal head lights which change the look of the car to somewhat more sinister. The profile looks very much like the current model with split rear window and tall rear end which make the model equally as aerodynamic but it is expected that the tail lights and back may be modernized with the addition of a shelf like spoiler on the back. Details of the 2015 Toyota Prius
There were spy shots taken in the past and there was a lot of disguise although there were inside pictures which showed a layout that was rather more conventional. This had the instruments in front of the driver rather than near the windscreen but the shifter is sprouting from the dashboard which is rather odd. However, this is quite a big change for the Prius since the car debuted in 2004.
This car is the best selling hybrid in California being the greenest car that Toyota has. In fact it was the first non plug-in car that had 50mog fuel economy rating from the EPA. It is likely that there will be a plug in included in this line up as well as other variants of the car.
The Prius will be the first Toyota to use the new Toyota New Global architecture which is a platform that will reduce the weight of the car by hundreds of pounds. This is important as fuel economy is the big draw for the Prius anyway and to improve this further would be very appealing to its customers.
There are plans to make some changes to the Prius with regards to its powertrain, such as greater energy density batteries and smaller electronic motors that are more powerful as well as an engine with less friction and optimised combustion. This should help to improve the fuel economy by as much as 8 percent. It is possible that they might go to lithium-ion batteries as well as they are more energy dense, but as they are significantly dearer, it may not be something that they do soon.
It is expected that the Prius could debut at the New York Auto Show in April to arrive in dealers by the end of the year. The prices are likely to be between $25k and $30k. It will compete most closely with the Ford C-Max and Chevrolet Volt.


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