Details of the 2015 BMW M2


The M version of the BMW is its coupe and the M2 is the second car in the series which has started to be developed. The original car was rushed and to make sure that the next version is improved, it will take longer to get it on the market. It is likely to therefore be very different with regards to the styling as well as the functionality.
The front of the car will have large air intakes but will also have wider fenders on the back. The track will be wider and there will be a spoiler on the back as well as four exhaust finishers. It is likely to change in a similar manner to the way the other BMW upgrade vehicles have done. With only a coupe available in the M2 range, it will mean just the one body style and therefore no need for complicated names, unlike the previous series one car.
The M2 is set to fit nicely in to the market. It will please many with its power and rear wheel drive within the compact coupe form. However, it will also take over the series one M which is very much liked, which implies that it will be well liked as well, at  least that is what the manufacturers are hoping. The series one did sell very well and there is a still a demand for this type of car and with the competitive price, it is not unreasonable to expect this to do as well. There also seems to be a lot of excitement about the car at the factory as well, which is a good sign of a confident design.
The new BMW will use the same rear wheel drive platform that the series 1 car is using at the moment. It will be possible to produce an all wheel drive too but there is no evidence to suggest that this will be done and not really a need for it either. It is expected that the twin turbo N54 straight six will be upgraded to power the car, although a N55 single turbo could also be released. It has been calculated that it should be around 360hp as that will allow it to compete with Mercedes Benz upcoming cars. The M2 is expected to have a six speed manual as well as an option of a seven speed automatic and the top speed will be likely to be 155mph. It is expected that in 0.45 seconds it will be able to do 0-60.
BMW plan on launching the new standard two series at the beginning of 2014 but the M2 is not expected until later that year or the year after. It will be a long wait, but it is expected that it will be worth it.



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