Delay for Porsche Pajun until 2019 at Least


There has been a rumour that the Porsche Panamera Junior (Pajun for short) will now be delayed as Porsche changes its outlook for the future.
CAR has found out that the baby sports saloon has been put on hold due to the Porsche Product Strategy 2018. This car was going to be competing with Audi A6, BMW 5-series, Masarati Ghibli and Mercedes-Benz E-class.
The new strategy has identified seven new cars which the company hope to have on the market by 2018. These include a selection of things such as saloons, SUVs and sports cars all under the Porsche name.
The Pajun was scheduled to appear within the next four years but they no longer want this to happen. It seems that the Volkswagen company (the parent company) needs support and so they have minimised the new Porsche offerings in order to do this.
This means that there has only been one car in the proposed new Porsche range that has made it to the showroom and that is the Macan. There has been a blueprint though for a new sports car, a Porsche 718 sub-Boxster which will provide a pure Porsche and a very reasonable price.
However, all of the remaining ideas have been dropped or delayed and the Pajun will not appear before 2019, which is a huge delay.
The Pajum is a five door coupe and it is expected to be a mini Panamera. This is similar to the wat that the Macan is a smaller version of the Cayenne that it takes many of the features but is smaller to fit in the mid-sized SUV market.
The Panamera Sport Turismo concept car is expected to be used as the base for the new car which was a preview of the shooting brake Panamera. It is expected that it will have a V6 engine and it could be that the Audi 3.0 litre V6TDI engine will be used but probably a selection of different petrol engines, some that might go up to 500bhp.
Despite this delay being announced, there have been booming sales this yer for Porsche. The first half of the year saw 87,800 cars which is 8% higher than the first six months of last year. One of the best sellers was the Panamera which was up by 28% with 13,500 sales and 10% of these were the Panamera S E-Hybrid.


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