Curious About How to Use Aftermarket Auto Parts? Here’s a Guide


Let’s say you just bought a Jeep Wrangler. If you’re a thrill seeker looking to take it into the dirt–and you’ll be going through some pretty rough terrain. The plastic bumpers that come with the jeep won’t be sturdy enough; a steel bumper, however, will protect your jeep from trees, rocks, earth–basically, anything the terrain dishes out.

Curious About How to Use Aftermarket Auto Parts? Here’s a Guide

Here’s another reason you might consider aftermarket bumpers:  The ones that come with the vehicle are a one-size-fits-all, so if you change the tires, those bumpers may not work.  Aftermarket auto parts bumpers are available in many sizes.

Another favorite is the LED headlight. Aftermarket LED upgrades are a great improvement over OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), because the LED is twice as bright on all settings.

“Whether you are replacing a broken part, have been in a collision or just want to trick out your ride.  We provide a comprehensive solution that meets all of our customers needs over the lifetime of their vehicle ownership, said a spokesperson of JC Whitney.

Where To Find Aftermarket Auto Parts

If you’re not familiar with aftermarket parts, it’s essentially a part built for your car which wasn’t made by the original manufacturer. While some care needs to be taken to find replacement parts that won’t void your car warranty, if the warranty concerns you, it’s not hard to find parts that comply. Aftermarket parts and accessories often outperform the OEM parts, or offer a satisfactory performance for a lower price.

Installing Your Aftermarket Parts And Accessories

There are some parts that can be installed rather easily and others that are a bit more complex to install, and in these cases, you may want to find a good mechanic near you.

The process of installing an aftermarket part isn’t essentially different from installing an OEM Part, as they’re often made as direct replacements that improve on the functionality of the original or find a cheaper method of manufacturing.

Either way, you just need any local mechanic to install your new aftermarket part. If you buy the right aftermarket replacements, you’ll never go back to OEM parts.

Why Consumers are Choosing JC Whitney

They’re a classic story of the American Dream; the company started as a scrap metal yard, founded by a Lithuanian immigrant named Israel Warshawsky. The company thrived for the tumultuous decades that followed, and nowadays they offer a broad range of auto parts, aftermarket and otherwise through their catalog and online marketplace.

“JCWhitney has been servicing the needs automotive owners for over 100 years.  Out of a small shop on the south side of Chicago we have grown into a leading retailer through both our catalog and website.  We offer over one million products to meet the needs of most repairs and upgrades,” says the company website.

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