Crushed Alfa Romeo 4Cs Seen


Crushed Alfa Romeo 4Cs Seen
A car magazine reader spotted a selection of Alfa Romeo cars at a breakers yard when he was on a road trip during a holiday. They look like they are 4cs in prototype format waiting to be crushed. This seems pretty sad, but most of the pre-production models do end up like this eventually.
The reader that spotted these was David Whitton. On his summer holiday he took a European Road Trip which would end up in Alexandroupoli in Northern Greece which si where his wife was from. He explained that when he was on the outskirts of Turin he noticed this breakers yard. There was a pile of vehicles and on top there were two Alfa Romeo 4Cs. Then when he stopped for a closer look saw that there was another one as well. He explained that they all looked in bad condition and as if they were test mules. He explained that most of the other cars looked like Fiats which were development mules or even styling exercises for 500s and 500Ls as well.
He went on to explain the rest of his trip in more detail. He started in Livingstone in Scotland an then went to the Eurotunnel and Paris. He said that all the way to Lyon the toll roads were very expensive as was the tunnel in to Italy. They stayed in Turin for three days and saw lots of Alfas, Lancias and Fiats on the road which he enjoyed. There were very few oversized SUVs as the German brands were not at all common in this area. He also went to the Museo dell’Automobile which he recommended as well. He said that the car that caught his eye the most was the Lancia Integrale Martini rally car. He also liked the Fiat Ecobasic which is a three seater with the driver in the middle, the Lancia Aurelia and the Disco Volante.
On the way back they stopped at a Fiat dealer shop which was named after the Mirafiori assembly plant. There they saw a lot of new cars on the showroom floor but there was also a Lancia ECV2 from 1988 alongside a Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti from the 1996 touring car race series with Martini livery.
He also enjoyed visiting Ferrai at Maranello which was a boyhood dream of his after reading articles by Ian Fraser, Steve Cropley, Gavin Green and Mel Nicholson CAR magazine. Many dreams do not live up to expectations but he explained that this was just as he had imagined. There was a mix of new buildings as well as the 1970s buildings with all of their Italian chic as well as more rundown businesses and the contrast was stunning.


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