Corvette Grand Sport 2014?


Some recently taken pictures show a vehicle that could very possibly be the new Corvette Grand Sport 2014. It is an unexpected move, if true by Chevrolet. A vehicle has been spotted in plain sight and it is suspected that it could be the new sport.
The clues start with the silver stripes on the vehicle. Of course, these do not prove anything but the Stingray has no stripes shown in the new colorizer website and so racing stripes must be reserved for another vehicle. It does seem to indicate a sporty model, but of course, may just be an experimental look.
It has a lack of badges as well, which could be an indicator as well. The production models seen, have all had Stingray badges behind the vent on their fender in the past and this one has no badges. Apart from this, the vehicle looks like a production specification which leads to the thinking that it is not a Stingray, but this is not proof.
The final clue was actually picked up by the photographer. In the cargo area of the car pictured there is a full car cover. All of the other prototypes have had these as standard to make sure that prying eyes cannot see too many details inside when the vehicles are parked up outside. This would imply that it is a new vehicle with something to hide.
These may all seem like very small points. However, putting them all together does put forward a pretty convincing case that there could be something in the theory that it is a new Corvette Grand sport 2014. More clues may appear in the future but at the moment, we will just be left wondering whether they are just a coincidence or whether there is something in the theory. More photos may reveal more or there may be nothing else to say.


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