Convertible Version of the Toyota GT86 Seen


Convertible Version of the Toyota GT86 Seen
It was always expected that there would be a convertible version of the Toyota GT86 it has not been seen until now. It is expected in America there will be Scion F-s and Subaru BRZ convertible version too.
The car was seen in South Africa, Cape Town to be specific and was completely undisguised. It looked to be very far ahead in terms of development as well. The picture is not that good unfortunately, being taken from far away with no zoom lens but it is still possible to see that the bodywork is ready for production and there is a functioning trunk lid as well as place for the convertible top to fold in to. It is hard to make out but looks like there may be room for two small back chairs behind the front seats, but the picture is not clear enough to be sure.
It is expected that now it has been pictured once, that more and better pictures will come along. Toyota has also promised that there will be a concept version ready for Geneva Motor show, which should provide a lot more clues.


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