Concept of VW C Coupe GTE Is About to Be Produced


Concept of VW C Coupe GTE Is About to Be Produced

Initial set of car spy photos VW C Coupe GTE 2016 became available this week, showing the upcoming model.

It was first presented to the public in China last year during the motor exhibition and now the company decided to start the production. At first, it was thought that it would be the upcoming Phaeton, however, the company said its production will be suspended until 2020.

The automobile spotted during the test drive was camouflaged in black. This implies the automobile will be available only in China. The prototypes for Euro are usually presented in the white and black camouflage. Besides, VW said that Phaeton will be electric, but the seen prototype had two exhaust pipes, which implies on the combustion motor.

Also, it can be seen that the upcoming Coupe will probably ride on the Passat’s platform, as the prototype has similar features with the last one. The length of the prototype is 5 meters and a base of the wheel is at 3 meters.

Presumably, sedan will be available only in China and it will have the system of plugin hybrid. To extend the characteristics of the version, the company will add a range of turbocharged gasoline motors as well.

An official premiere is expected in China before the end of this year.


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