Completely Undisguised Mercedes C-Class Spotted


The new Mercedes C-Class has been seen quite a few times lately testing with very little disguise. However, the most recent pictures show it with no camouflage at all looking almost ready to be sold.
The cars seen have a little bit of disguise on the star at the front as well as the rear windows and back lights. The style is very similar to the sedan but it does have a more stylish look to the roof. The also all have a roof spoiler on the back which makes them look longer. The back lights look horizontal compared to the square lights on the sedan but this is hard to see under the camo.
There has been no date released with regards to when these cars are likely to appear but they were expected to debut in October at the Paris Motor Show. The previous C-Class only made it in to Europe and there is no evidence to suggest that anything will change this time and so it is likely that the car will not been seen in the US.


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