Completely Uncovered Hyundai Prius-Fighting Was Spotted by Spies


 car spy photos Hyundai Ioniq 2017

Hyundai published several sketches in order to show what look their new Ioniq model will have. The automobile, which was completely uncovered, was caught by spies during the testing. On the car spy photos Hyundai Ioniq 2017 we can see that the future model will have a pretty familiar look – the one Hyundai’s fans got used to see.

Iqonc is a hybrid with four doors that will be available with three options of transmission: plug-in hybrid, hybrid, and EV complete. The motor of internal-combustion will be represented by 1.6 liter four-inline, divided between the gasoline motors on the Prius and the Volt. It will be working in a pair with an electric engine. Hyundai will let their customers to get rid of the ICE completely.

The front side of the automobile has distinct features of Hyundai. The back however has some aerodynamic characteristics. And as we can see from the pictures, the back vision will be narrowed by little back window and high back deck.

On the previous pictures it could have been seen that the interior of the automobile would be pretty alike to the models of Sonata and Elantra. However, now more distinguished characteristics can be expected. The new model is about to be presented to the public in South Korea the following month.


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