Collaborative BMW and Toyota Project Details


It seems that the collaboration between BMW and Toyota will mean that there will be a range of sports cars with mid engines which will challenge the Porsche 911. The exciting information was exclusively revealed by CAR.
The car is being made under the codename of Silk Road 2 and the end result will be a sports car either the BMW27 or the Lexus zc/zr which will cost £73,000 or 90,000 Euros. For both of the brands it will be a first with neither ever having a two seater with mid engine before or a plug-in hybrid sports car with six cylinder engine. The cars will be similar but each company will produce their own version of it and so taking advantage of their collaboration without leaving behind their own unique branding.
An insider has reported that it was BMW that wanted this car because they were trying to keep the market for the i8 clear and the M8 would not go ahead in order to do this.
It is expected that there will be a 3.0 litre twin-turbo six engine which will differently calibrated for each of the two cars. It will be developed in Munich and is expected to appear late 2018 or early 2019.
It was originally going to be a car that would have the Toyota Supra name but it is now referred to as the little brother of the Lexus LFA or the ZC/ZR. This should not be confused with the Rover 25 which is the new hot hatch from MG.
The spec sheet provides some interesting reading. It seems that there will be a whole series of things that the cars will have in common including the engine, seven speed dual clutch transmission, performance batteries between the seats, 150bhp e-motor, double wishbone suspension, composite brakes, electric power steering and active aerodynamics. However, they will each have their own personalities and look.
The cars are expected to be within 400-500bhp as they will have a kerb weight of less than 1650 kilos which means they will be extremely fast. It could even mean that the 911 could be threatened by this pair of sports cars.


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