Cold Weather Testing for the Ford Escort


The Ford Escort was debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show last year with talk of it being focused on a Chinese market, but nothing much has been heard about it since. That is until now when the sedan was seen doing some cold weather testing in Northern Sweden. The fact that it was being tested here could imply that it will be available outside of Asia as well, but this is obviously no guarantee.
The car had been disguised in zebra paint and so it was hard to know whether it had changed since the show. You can see that it has the same hexagonal grille that the concept car had. It was said that the design would not be pretentious or arrogant and it can be seen that they have certainly stuck to their word. There is still no news on the engine range but economy powertrains are very likely.
Last year a report came out that said that Ford were considering whether to bring the new escort to other destinations as well as Asia, perhaps even Asia, Being in Sweden for testing could be a good sign. There has been no official release date but as they have said that they will bring 15 new cars to China by 2015 it is likely that it will not be too long.


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