Cold Weather Test for Levante Crossover from Maserati


Maserati Many car manufacturers have been going to north Sweden to test their cars in the cold weather. Maserati are among them and they are testing their Levante SUV in the cold, ice and snow. Back in August a Levante mule was seen in testing and it was dirty with no licence plates so it is impossible to know whether this one is the same one. It is the same colour, a blue but has a lot of camouflage to change the shape so it is hard to know what is going on. However, the heightened roof and wheels are also the same as the previous test mule seen. There is nothing much that looks new really. It could just be that they have been waiting to see how it holds up in the cold temperatures or there could have been lots of other testing going on in the background as well. However, as it has been six months since it was last spotted, it is likely that it could soon have a production body on a test car rather than the one that we see here.


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