Chevrolet Volt Testing its Electric Model


Chevrolet Volt Testing its Electric Model
Chevrolet is releasing their new generation Volt in 2016 and it is assumed that they will continue with a petrol and electric version of the car; the same as the current model. However, there has been no information about it and so spotting it in testing is exciting, although there are still not that many interesting clues yet. Not much can be seen under the camouflage and obviously internal changes are invisible anyway.
It is unknown what they will be doing with it. It has been said that it will be using a new platform and improvements are bound to happen, as they always do with any new generation model. It may be that it will be able to make its electric version more efficient so that it can do more than the current 40 miles, perhaps 50 and 60 could even be possible.
The testing is being done away from the public eye. It looks like the bodywork is new, when compared with the old model. The shape looks similar but it does look rather sleeker than the outgoing model. There is also a plug in port as well as badging for a Volt and it looks like there are shut down switches for safety on the side and back of it. There is also a pretty obvious plug hanging from the front. Therefore it is obvious that this is an electric version of the car.


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