Chevrolet Volt Photos taken


Chevrolet Volt Photos taken Chevrolets next Volt has been seen and photographed by spies. It was wrapped up in contact paper with a squiggle design and had place holder lighting elements as well as sheet metal. Therefore no a lot can be made out, although the car does look lower slung, sleeker but more wedge shaped. In the front small air intakes and LED DRLs can be seen. At the back it is expected that the boot lod will have more contoured lines and there will be a spoiler there to reduce the drag on the back. It is expected that the blacked out surround on the side windows will disappear on the later mules. The window line goes aft of the back door but it expected that there will not be glass in that part of it. This will be the second attempt by GM to get a Chevrolet in to showrooms that is green. The first Volt was not that appealing but this time the $30k price before incentives should help to attract buyers. It is worth bearing in mind that the Prius did not do well until its second generation and so there is a chance that this could do well. However, it is a risk as they will not want to be forever ridiculed for their poor green car attempts. The platform and powertrain details have not been revealed by GM but it is expected that the car will get its own platform rather than following the pattern of the previous version and using the Delta II from the Chevy Cruze. This will mean that it could potentially have room for five passengers rather than four and also be the base for new body styles and variants. This would be the same as Toyota as they have offered the Prius in different styles. There will be a small engine on this hybrid car and it is expected that there may be two options with different battery capacities. It could be that the larger has an electric range of 50-60 miles which is an increase on the 38 miles offered by the current car. It is expected that the range extender will be taken from one of GMs three and four cylinder engines that are fuel efficient. It is expected that it could be November at the Los Angeles auto show when the car first appears but it may be more likely in January at Detroit as the original concept appeared at Detroit in 2007. It is expected that it might then go on sale in 2015 perhaps late summer or autumn. The base price should be around $30k but up to $40k for the more potent car.


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