Chevrolet Traverse Out In Year 2013


Chevrolet Traverse Out In Year 2013

GM released a lot of large-size crossover cars, namely the Traverse, Acadia, Enclave, and another one by Saturn, and they were generally well-acepted when they first hit the scene then. GM has three models of eight-passenger cars available now, and they’re getting some pretty strong updates to come out in the year 2013. Chevrolet has come out with a lot of details on the Traverse. GM is currently tweaking these three models which have been such successes for them in the past. They are revamping them to make them more successful in the new year. Expect to see big things from GM in the Traverse area because they are building upon their past achievements.
It will have a brand new front-end and rear end with some great taillamps around the license plate. There will be a much smoother interior too. It will be soft to the touch on the inside. There will be contrasts of stitching, chrome, and silver to take away from the bland look of the leather. The interior might also have a cloth trim. It might be available in all-black or in a variety of color schemes. There might be some ambient lighting in it too.

The Traverse won’t be any speedier, however. It just has a 3.6-liter, direct-injected V-6 engine that has the same great 281 hp and 266 torque in the new model. It will have a six-speed automatic transmission too, and it will get some great hardware and software upgrades. It will have a good fuel economy hovering at around 20 mpg.

There will be a new airbag in the center too. The main objective of this new airbag is to make sure that people sitting in the front seat don’t hit eachother when they get into a broadside collision.

There is no data on when it will come out or the pricing. It should be unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show. There will be some new news on the 2013 Buick Enclave, and there will be some images of it coming out. It will join up with the 2013 Traverse in news and pictures, and it will be available at the 2012 New York auto show. Expect both of these cars to be stunners.


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