Chevrolet Testing a New MPV


Chevrolet is testing a new MPV but it looks very strange and intriguing. Firstly it is one that is currently not for sale in the US but it has Michigan plates on. As well as this it also has riveted body work and is accompanied by a Ford Fusion Hybrid and Chevy Volts. The spy photographer reckoned that it was a new hybrid from General motors which could end up in competition with the Toyota Prius V and Ford C-Max Hybrid.
The photographers managed some close up shots which revealed that the vehicle was a modified Chevrolet Orlando which had hybrid components for petrol and electric and lots of different testing equipment inside. The cargo area has batteries and tubes as well as a basic cooling system. The casing on the battery had a high voltage sticker on it. There was no obvious plug in port which implied that it was a straight hybrid. The photographers suspected that it could have been the Volt MPV5 concept that was seen in 2010 at the Beijing auto show but this was cancelled to make way for the Cadillac ELR. It is expected that this car will not have a Voltec powertrain.
This could, of course, just be a variant of an existing model but the fact that there is body modification would imply that it is a new vehicle. It has chevy Spark headlights, a riveted front and a lengthened cargo area which are all big modifications. The photographer also felt that the front doors looked lengthened and back doors shortened.
There have been other similar vehicles seen out testing in the past and it has been difficult to understand what they were. Although it is still rather a mystery, the hybrid battery has  revealed more than we have previously known. It may even be that GM is trying to fool everyone by testing them with a Fusion Hybrid rather than a C-Max Hybrid. Hopefully more evidence will come to light soon.


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