Chevrolet Cruze estate (2012)


Our brilliant photographers have been able to spot the Chevrolet Cruze estate while it was being tested in northern Europe. This is our very first glance at the latest from this brand.  Obviously, they have it camouflaged yet the lifestyle is still visible.
Chevrolet Cruze estate (2012): when it launches
We have been told that this wagon may be revealed at the Geneva motor show in March 2012. Also, we think that it will go on sale during the summer of 2012.
Why add a Cruze station wagon?
The Cruze estate will make the family broader. Currently, the only models they have available are the five door hatchbacks and the four doors which are sold in Europe and the US. However, we do feel as though this new model will be more likely to be available in Europe than America but this has not been finalized yet. But, Americans will have the diesel engine Cruze available for purchase sometime in 2013.
Also, at the Geneva motor show in March 2012 we can expect a Chevrolet Sonic based crossover.
So many great cars to look forward to!


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