Chevrolet 2014 Silverdo – the ‘The Car’, yet to be launched, but had reached the eyes of all…


Chevrolet is engaged in a hugger – mugger game is addling globally with everyone out there of its forthcoming Silverado 2014 by flashing just a ‘secretly snapped pic’ and a brief press release in its ain facebook page as well as its private website on the pickup of this wagon. This act of theirs is really appreciating, yet when the endemic motors is making all attempts to boost the media credibility, the industrious sleuth photographers are putting in all their might to gather shed load info and visuals in detail of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.From all the info gathered, it seems like the pickup coming up short of the cumbrous black façade cart off, reliant of that of the previous time of its spotting, is much likely to be what the real production figure is going to be.
The much awaited 2014 mode, as anticipated, is modeled to a large degree as that of the present wheels. Still, obviously, there are certain criteria’s that make them stand apart, which have caused to the manufacturing of these two models, having a few dissimilar functions and also some really small details which make a difference.
There might be a lot many changes to observe on the nether side of the awning, yet, the V8 engine, one of smallest 5th generation engine is supposedly the vital power house of the car; and is also equipped with an aluminum top, head on injection and possibly the cylinder inactivation. Also, as a straight forward answer to the EcoBoost F-150 of Ford, the new Silverado is equipped with the 3.0L Turbocharged V6.
To have a greater view of the all new Silverado of 2014, take a glimpse of our gallery ; otherwise, just go down the page to quickly skim through our ‘The Chevrolet 2014 Silverdo’s’press release.


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