Cheapest Electric Cars on the Market


The motor industry as we know it is heading in an entire direction, and now, what we thought would never happen, is happening right in front of us; electric cars are becoming the talk of the town, everywhere in the UK. The only barrier in the way of motorists switching to electric cars is purely down to the cost of them, but there are plenty of affordable examples out there and here’s just a few of them!

Nissan leaf.

Renault Zoe

If you think the concept of driving an electric car is nice but don’t want to go around shouting about it, Renault’s Zoe could be the car for you. It takes the same appearance of any ordinary conventional motor, and the only dead giveaway is the sizeable blue Renault badge on the bonnet that conceals the battery charging point. Like any casual motor, the Zoe is generous but not too giving in terms of interior space, which is ideal for anyone looking to make the change between conventional and electric before the ban in 2030! Grab your own example for around £7,000 on the used car market.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf electric motor looks very much the same as any ordinary over-sized family runabout, and what’s best is that it still has a roomy, practical interior capable of hauling several occupants, the driver and their belongings around with no hassle at all – just make sure you charge the battery beforehand! Offering the same amount of space as Volkswagen’s Golf hatch, the Nissan Leaf is just another reason more people are opting for electric motors lately. The Leaf is priced much cheaper on the used car market, just skimming £9,500 – better to buy one now before it’s too late.

BMW i3

Who’d have thought BMW would jump on the bandwagon with the electric motor market? I did! I don’t know about yourself, but many people guessed that BMW would make more money if the company implemented the concept of a greener environment, while offering low-cost solutions to transport people from place to place (in style), which is exactly what has happened recently. Needing no introduction whatsoever, the i3 may appear bulky and square on the outside, but inside it screams technology and comfort. While many other electric cars are stuck behind their time, BMW has made certain the i3 electric motor is trendy on the outside while comfortable on the inside at the same time. Since they’re quite expensive bought new, you can easily pick an example up for £16,000 on the used car market in the UK.


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