Cheaper and all-wheel drive Jaguar’s coming


Cheaper and all-wheel drive Jaguar’s coming
The future of Jaguar F-type looks pretty exciting. There is a planned R-S model as well as a 911 GT3 style model and there will be new drivetrain options such as a four cylinder F-type entry and four-wheel drive options as well.
The Porsche 911 has outsold Porsche 911 Cabriolet since it was launched in 2013 and so this will built on. It is said that it is Jaguars second best selling model in some parts of Europe, only being taken over by the XF saloon model.
There are many rumours about the new F-type especially focussing on a club sport model that it is thought might be sold alongside the R coupe and R-S models. This would be lighter and have more downforce from a big front splitter as well as a fixed rear wing and a rear diffuser. These feature on a F-type V8 coupe which was seen testing in the UK.
The Project 7 concept car seen in 2013 showed that Jaguar are looking to build vehicles that are more aerodynamic as well as lighter. This could mean that the club sport will be able to provide this in an alternative to the Porsche 911 GT3 which is priced at £100,540. There is also a thought that the aerodynamics pack might be available as part of the Engineered to Order personalisation range n all F-types.
There have also been sightings of 4×4 cars a coupe and convertible model. These had matching disguise and had a bulge on the bonnet which has not been seen before on series production F-types. This could mean that the engine position will be changed which could be to include a front drive shaft.
There are also all-wheel drive variants for the XJ and XF saloon cars in their markets that have cold weather such as US and Russia and it will also be offering four wheel drive on their XE sports saloon. An F-type with four wheel drive would be able to compete with the Quattro drive Audi R8 as well as the Porsche 911 Carrera 4.
A spokesman for jaguar told CAR that the F-type gives them a lot of options for trying new things and there is a lot more that they can do with this car.
There have been other F-type mules seen in testing also with disguised bnnets. These were seen near to the Nurburgring which did imply that there might be a four-cylinder with turbo charger joining the range. The cheapest F-type at the moment is the V6 coupe which costs £51,250 and produces 335bhp. This fits in the market between the £55k Cayman GTS and the £48k Porsche Cayman S.
It is expected that there will be an entry level F-type with a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine using the same dynamic as the Range Rver Evoque autobiography. This can do 281bhp which is more than the Porsche Cayman and Boxster which are 271bhp and 263bhp.
It therefore looks like Jaguar will be having a great stab at the sports car market for the first time for ages with the F-type costing less than £50k as well as the R-S and Club Sport models.


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