Changes for 2015 for the BMW 6 series Convertible


Changes for 2015 for the BMW 6 series Convertible
The BMW 6 series is not thought to be the best car in many people opinions with regards to how it looks in many of the forms such as the sedan Gran Coupe, Coupe or Convertible. The cars do look better in this generation than the last one according to some but it is not always felt it is that good, perhaps to fussy and angular for many peoples tastes. In 2017 or 2018 there will be a brand new 6 series and this could look very different from what the recent photos that were taken of it look like.
It is difficult to know whether the changes will improve the car though. There will be new head lights and bumper on the fromt as well as LED back lights which look more like the style of those on cars in the rest of their line up. However, it is not thought that there will be many more changes to the design but just a few small tweaks to the design and it might see some new colour options as well. It may also see a change in power, perhaps with an increase in power, better efficiency or perhaps even both.
It is expected that it will be next year when this car debuts and the new version will be crafted after this. The pictures show the car from several angles but it does not really look as if there have been many significant changes.


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