Caught- Volkswagen’s 235 mpg XL1 hot weather testing


Earlier this year the Volkswagen 235 was caught making some cold climate tests and as the production of the ultra fuel efficient hybrid gets closer, images showing the car undergoing hot weather tests have surfaced. The production model of this diesel plug in hybrid car is touted to return 235 miles per gallon and the car is expected to go on sale in limited numbers by next year. This car looks a lot like the 2011 Volkswagen XL1 concept although there are a few visual differences with the streamline shape and the inset narrow rear track of the Volkswagen 235. Previous images of the prototype XL1 showed door mirrors mounted outside the car either in place of the side cameras or as disguise. These recent photos reveal that the car will depend on cameras for driver stability. The car should end up looking sleek without the door mirrors. The concept’s drag coefficient was listed as just 0.186 by the carmaker. Full rear wheel covers are also missing in the prototype, which are responsible for giving it optimal aerodynamics.
The car’s gullwing like open doors allow for the interiors of the vehicle to be glimpsed at. The interiors are very similar to the concept including the large gauge cluster, shift lever; navigation screen and center stack controls. The A pillar and instrument panel seem to be have made from carbon fiber, although these photos to not reveal the arrangement of the passenger seats. An offset seating configuration was seen in the concept and it is still uncertain whether this will be carried forward to the production design.
The rear engine compartment is also visible from these photos and it shows a large cooling fan over a predictable small two-cylinder diesel engine. This engine is fuel-efficient and it is combined with a 27 horsepower electric motor as well as seven-speed DSG transmission. This is exactly what will aid giving this car it’s triple digit fuel economy numbers.


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