Caught Testing: Spy Shots of the 2013 Range Rover LWB


Caught Testing: Spy Shots of the 2013 Range Rover LWB
If you look at the new Range Rover, you will find nothing much to be missing. Of course, there is the British built which has some of the finest features, definitely the lavish ones.  One of the things to note is that it has a 510-bhp supercharged V-8 engine, which is optional. One thing is that it would be nice to have a little more of cabin space, more like an extra area where you could dump in your shopping bags or use it as a cargo space. One thing that has been spotted is the wheelbase, its extended versions in this car is the highlight. Reports suggest that it is going to enter production by the year-end.  Even with the camouflage, it is not very difficult to not notice the long rear doors, also the side glass. It is however a mystery why there is roll cage, all this is visible in the spy shots, hence the urge to know the answers.
Better than before, it’s big and light
When you find out that the current Range Rover, we are talking about limits it to 5 passengers only and this makes it not so worth it. The wheelbase, extended and long, this model could have made some modifications in and around the area. For example, bring in an additional rear seat, however it seems a mystery to see if it is fitted in the test drive or not. The least to expect is the rear passenger having a better legroom space, ample enough to the standard model version, which is of 35.1 cu. ft.
The engine with a 5.0-liter V-8 will give you a 375-bhp; however, there is a need or possibility for more carry over. It is naturally drawn that way and goes with a format of 510-bhp. You will notice that a 6-speed automatic transmission is going to provide power to this Range Rover system. You will not find owners of this vehicle going rock crawling after paying a huge sum of $170,000 on the Supercharged Edition. However, if you wish to challenge it, this edition is definitely up for it.
Though this edition looks bigger, there is a possibility of it turning out to be light in weight, lighter in comparison to before. The aluminum chassis based technology is used, its partners i.e. Jaguar, upcoming Range Rover, may offer something that is less portly. It in turn will kick up the performance, and bring in fuel efficiency, considering it has been steady on being oil friendly, offering 12/18-mpg city/highway.


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