Caught Testing: Spy Shots of Martini Racing Porsche 918 Hybrid Supercar


Caught Testing: Spy Shots of Martini Racing Porsche 918 Hybrid Supercar
The German auto company shows its effort in making leaner and at the same time a greener supercar with the Porsche 918. This is an electrically driven car, meaning works only on an electric mode. Approximately, it will offer you a good 15-20 miles, and gas powertrain will return say up to almost a 70 mpg. This however doesn’t mean that the 2 passenger Porsche can’t do much on the racetrack. The reports do suggest that it is a bit fragile and could turn out to be daunting. To know more, go through the Martini Racing car, which has changes in the form of lifted wheels around the corners. The sources suggest that the person who is behind such changes is none other than race himself, Walter Röhrl, a legend.
The Mean- Green Version
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the test car has no sign of camouflage, apart from just a few stripes and some logos. We haven’t been able to spot any unpleasant angles to the car. Based on the glimpses that we have caught, even those from the past, the Spyder 918 is currently going through the testing process. The exterior change apparently is something that we have witnessed before and it is the adding of some small spoilers that are positioned on the front side of the bumper, most likely in front of each wheel. However, happy vehicle testing!
In case if it slipped off your mind, the 918 offers something close to a 800 bhp, when there is full force smooth operation of the 4.6-liter V-8 engine developing a 570 bhp. It is supported by a Lithium Ion battery, each of which contributes 107 bhp in the front section and 121 bhp in the rear, when required. This car mode, which is electric-only, offers speed up to 93 mph, which suggestion a V-8 engine gearing up for action. It is not difficult for the power to move from the front to the rear axles and it takes less than 3 seconds for the run form to be at a 0-60 mpg. The top speed goes more than what you expect it to go, i.e. greater than 200 mph.
The price compliments the performance. You can expect to have the prices rolling up to $845,000. By paying such an amount, you bet you can have the ultimate Porsche in your home. In addition, it is an obvious fact that production for the 918 is going to be limited.


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