Caught Testing: Spy Shots of 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette


To get the best feel of the 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette, you must take this machine on the speed tracks than pulling it into some kind of parking or going through a drive-thru. Our team of photographers managed to click some spy snaps of this next generation C7, while it was zooming though the Grounds in Michigan. The sound blasting through the engine was definitely a winner. Going by the other mules and camouflages, this one is definitely very impressive. The ultimate look and shape is in sync, the details, overall design etc., are in focus. It is not a usual thing when we begin with the car’s rear. But again, this is not one of those cars does is just alright with the exhaust. This vehicle is exceptional with the quad pipe. The location is central, and it looks like it could throw a double growl. We did come across rumors that suggest Chevrolet downsizing on the Corvette V8 engine to go with a turbocharged V6 instead of a 6.2 liter on the V8. Even if that day is nearing, the system with its exhaust will prove to be slightly old fashioned, offering a V8 fun on the inside of the hood. Chances are that the V8 can be a bit smaller than earlier. But, you can vouch on the power taking a leap from the current base to something better than 430 bhp.
This prototype shows the headlights to be slightly larger and vertical than before. The air intake also comes across as a bit wider than earlier. The back portion of course is less rear. This suggests that the next Vette can come a bit shorter in general; it could have a longer wheelbase feature, which is said to increase the cabin space. Though there is some strange back opening on the test car, it hints on it being more like an extractor. We do hope that it doesn’t blow off while the car is on high speed and hope it is not more than a vent. In general, the weight is said to be trimmed a little bit in comparison to the previous version. As for the transmission, it comes with a 7-speed manual, which is like a first time thing. The automatic gearbox with a 7 or may be an 8 dual clutch is expected, however no official announcement has been made as yet.


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