Caught Testing: 2013 SRT Viper – Spy Shots


So, just after we’ve seen the matte black Corvette C7, we’ve gotten a sneak peek of th SRT Viper. It’s going to be on sale in 2013, even though we hoped that it would have made a showing in the 2012 Auto Show in Detroit, as it did not. Even still, the images that we have seen of this vehicle lead us to believe that this is a vehicle that’s definitely coming along in the way that it should.
Proportionally, the new Viper doesn’t seem to have changed much – and this is something that we like, as we really appreciate the design here. It boasts a pretty big hood, large tires, and a side-exit exhaust that makes us particularly happy. Also, it has three large hood opening, a pair of heat-extracting vents, and headlights that are more angular than the last. We also noticed that the grill looks a little taller than what the previous model, as well. All in all, this seems to be a vehicle that’s definitely worth waiting for, as it is looking as if it will truly dominate.
The ZR1
The ZR1 brings a lot of things to be excited about. Under the hood of the Viper is a play on the 8.4-liter V-10 that was used before, which now brings about 50-100 HP into the fold. One of the most impressive stats lies in what it can do for the Viper, which is the ability to push it to nearly 700 bhp. This is substantial because it makes it a rival to the Corvette ZR1. You can expect a 6-speed manual transmission to be the sole gearbox.
You can be sure that the engineering team for Corvette to be watching the performance specifications of the Viper closely. This is because of the reports that they’re hearing, and who can blame them, as people are stating that the Ferrari has helped in the Viper’s engine mapping for better performance. If anything, it’s a pretty cool thing for Chevy to be able to boast about, as we really think that it was a phenomenal idea. And with the C7 still being under construction, the latest supercharged V-8 can quite possibly be tuned to match the Viper’s power output.
But even with this being the case, it doesn’t mean that the SRT will be as barebones as it was in the past. Looking at the inside, there does appear to be a traction control system that’s programmable, an “off” switch, and litanies of different settings. We also think that this could be a day-to-day vehicle due to the dual-mode dampers and a cabin made with some higher-quality materials.


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