Caught Testing: 2013 Ferrari F620 – Spy Shots


The Ferrari F620 has been seen and it was wearing camouflage to keep spies and other wandering eyes away. Some people know this model as the F152 yet when it goes on sale next year we think that it will be going by the name F620. Currently, the car is similar to the previous versions because of the long hood and short deck. But, on the other hand the headlights are slimmer and the taillights have been revised so they give off a more aggressive feel on both the front and the rear.
Also, while we were scoping out this car we were able to see the current Ferrari 599. This model is really a hardcore sped machine which includes a massive rear wing and a tarmac scraping spoiler in the front. This car has only been by the people who attended the Ferrari test track event in Maranello, Italy.

However, when we think about the Lamborghini Aventador we can see why it is their rival. It obtains a 6.5 liter V 12 and can get up to 700 bhp.  But, the good thing about this is the Ferrari already knows what their competitor is up to and is going to be matching its horsepower output. We personally feel as though Ferrari will raise the bar in other areas as well.
The performance on this model will outstanding. Currently, the 599 GTO is the most powerful model however this model is said to be faster than that one. In the future we even see a hybrid being made. We see this being very likely since they have also gave us a teaser when they released the 599 Hybrid at the 2010 Auto Show in Geneva. But, this one is going to be great to at the March 2012 Geneva Auto Show.

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