Caught a glimpse of the interiors of Mercedes S-class (2013)


Caught a glimpse of the interiors of Mercedes S-class (2013)
Spies have managed to expose the Mercedes S-class 2012 interiors. It is shown undisguised completely.
It is a perfect time to get a very good look at the overall design, which gives an idea of what will be filtered down in the upcoming versions of Mercs. It will help you get hints on the tech fittings on the new S-class to be launched. Is the Merc S-class 2013 interior real?
Yes, it is and you have to believe it. You will instantly spot the circular vents in multiple numbers instead of the usual rectangular layout. Obviously, the vents are plated within a huge wooden slab.
It is not very hard to miss the completely digitized display gadget, which is a return like in this new S-class. This helps in flipping from task to another. At one moment, it will show you the details in an analogue mode and then you can immediately shift to another task, for example using Sat-Nav commands etc. you can swap from one task to another without any hassle, in fact you also get an infra-red display that helps you get a quick peek during the night time.
The screen that takes care of your entertainment and broadcast which is on the dashboard comes in a very good, cinematic type size. Mercedes has worked just fine on decluttering, the once button attraction for S-class, it has worked more on the functions associated with the display. It is operated with the Command Control. It has been integrated nicely with personalized music library option. The pictures that have come up, they are more like a surprise to see, especially with the not so many Mercedes spotted on test drive. You can enjoy yourself, have a good time in the vehicle listening to music, may be reggae or your favorite artist, in the end Mercedes meets all the standards.
The center controls for Mercedes S-class
You will find all the models under Mercedes depending highly on the Command system, which helps in performing the infotainment-associated duties. The central option in the form of rotary click, which is a button, which is twinned with large touchscreens, helps in easy access. In the Mercedes S-class, the company has brought together different options that come as quite handy, especially in terms of an ergonomic position. There are buttons to adjust the height, also when you wish to switch from the sport mode to the economy mode, it is quite easy. News suggests that the company has been working on testing nine-speed transmission, which is meant to offer ultimate form of smoothness and equally good economy capability. However, reports suggest that once this box gets the much needed nod, the S-class will be the first of its kind of have it.
Another button, which is the Sport/Comf, allows the drivers to manage the suspension accordingly. It is going to be the techno tour de force for the 2013 S-class. It will also feature the Magic Body Control that helps in employing both sensors as well as cameras that helps in monitoring the bumps on the road, and vary the damping rate accordingly.
Any more news on the S-class?
A final take on the interiors, speaking of the steering, it is well appointed, and at least that is what being hoped for. However, the metallic finish, which is on the lower half of the steering, the problem is in the resemblance that it has to Kia Picanto’s version of the wheel. It is definitely a bad kind of coincidence, which is not very likely to go well with the crowd, especially when it seems like a direct inspiration.
In addition to this, you will also find the S bearing similar kind of resemblance to the SLK. The magic sky control, which is a glass roof and has a tint of occupants on it, shows the resemblance. When it comes to any luxury car, chances of a repetition exist; here it is on the Pullman side, where it is long enough to have six people travel in it, showing no sign of problem or discomfort with the foldway chairs.


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