Carta2: Turn Your Car Into A Work of Art


carta2There are a lot of great ways to upgrade the look of your car and give it a unique finish, and these days the sky’s the limit. However, creative designs come with expensive detailing and a commitment to one look (unless you’re planning on spending all that money again).

Now, there is a new way to give your car a personal touch without spending a ton of money and surrendering your car to a body shop. Meet Carta2, an online platform that allows car enthusiasts to design, visualize, and purchase car “tattoos”. Carta2, the creation of sibling duo Noa and Mosh Lebovich, has been running an Indiegogo campaign for the past two months, and reached their $60,000 goal within the first 10 days. They are now down to the final hours of the campaign.

Carta2’s platform allows users to select tattoos they like and drag and drop them onto a 3D model of their exact car. This visualization tool gives users an idea of how a tattoo will look on their car before purchasing it. Users are also able to share images on social media and consult with friends before purchasing.

All tattoos are designed by a community of international graphic designers, called Carta2 artists. Each artist is paid royalties every time one of their designs is purchased. Tattoos are conveniently categorized by theme for easy browsing, and range from sexy and witty to family and religious. Additionally, if users want to create tattoos for special occasions like birthday parties, sporting events, or weddings, Carta2 artists will bid to create their dream design.

Using funds from the Indiegogo campaign, Carta2 has already begun work on building their platform, which is currently in early Alpha stage. You can try it out for yourself here:


Naturally, we wanted to learn more about Carta2. Here were our questions for the team:

So what is a car tattoo?

A car tattoo is a decal made from 3M vinyl that comes in a variety of sizes from small to XL. We called it a tattoo instead of a decal because it gave the product an artistic connotation. Our whole concept is that you can turn your car into a work of art and tattoos are associated with great artwork. What makes our tattoos different from skin tattoos, is that they’re painlessly applied and removed and don’t leave behind any marks or scratches.

What makes it special?

There are a few things that make Carta2 special. The first is our platform. When shopping online, it’s impossible to know how things are going to fit and look until you purchase and receive them at your door. With the Carta2 platform, you can actually see how a tattoo will look on your exact car and in the spot you want it. There is no guessing. It’s also not just a site for car design, but a community. We are building a community of designers and artists that will contribute their personal designs to the ever growing catalog of tattoos. The product itself is also unique. The design is placed on transparent vinyl so that every design can go with any car color, and give customers the flexibility they need.

How does the platform work?

The platform is powered by Unity’s game engine, which gives it its 3D features and a great gaming feel. The platform is simple to use and intuitive. Users log on to the website, select their car’s make, model, and color, and browse through our tattoo categories to find the perfect one from them. Once they find one, they can drag and drop it anywhere on the car, select the size, and adjust to get it just right. Users can then share on social media and get feedback from their friends before selecting “buy now” to purchase.

What comes in the kit?

A kit comes with the tattoo, a squeegee to smooth out the tattoo and remove bubbles, a small blade to slice tattoos after application if they extend between doors and windows, a certificate that guarantees the tattoo for 18 months, and an instruction sheet.

Where did the idea come from?

“The idea came to each of us separately”, said Co-CEO Mosh Lebovich. ‘I was outside one day looking at the cars on the street and noticed that so many of them are white and essentially blank canvases for adding color and excitement to the streets”. Noa Lebovich, Co-CEO, said, “there are hardly any cars without scratches and instead of spending thousands of dollars at a garage to fix them, we decided to come up with a creative and inexpensive way to cover them up”.



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