Cars of the next generation- Vauxhall Cascada, Lexus and Mercedes Benz redefined


March 2013 is going to witness the launch of Vauxhall’s new Cascada, convertible and full size and the artist’s are already assuming the look of the car prior to the formal unveiling in this month. The two teaser images of the convertible car are unveiled which shows just the top of the car.  The new convertible Cascada with a soft top whereas the Astra CC’s hard top takes less space to fold and is easy and lighter to package without any remains. It folds up and down at a speed of 30mph. the assumptions taken from the teaser images are it has an inbuilt spoiler fitted into the boot lid, holds space for four adults inside with a chrome ring around the glasshouse covering the cabin. The makers of the convertible says that buyers have perception that roofs made of canvas are used for quality cars in the market, Bentley and rolls Royce are also convertible cars and use soft tops. Thus Vauxhall is hoping for the same impression of the quality will take over on the new convertible Cascada. The images confirm that it is much bigger than the Astra convertible- 4700mm long, the Cascada is 70mm longer than Audi convertible and 225mm longer than the Astra twin top which is no more in the sales from last two years. The Vauxhall rightly termed the Cascada as a mid-sized convertible car.
The artist’s impression of the Cascada shows the car with the roof down. Although it’s longer than the Astra, this mid-sized car used a mixture of architectures from across the Europe including the insignia and Astra hardware also. The HiPer strut front suspension will be a part of the car for a better and improved handling precision. The petrol and the diesel engines are also stretched from the 1.4 petrol turbo up to 2.0 liters diesels most likely to be blend with the turbo engine for speed and punch. And as the insiders say Vauxhall will be introducing a range of engines and that implies1.6 turbo petrol is likely for the Cascada convertible. There are still questions regarding the performance version of the car but Vauxhall has not kept anything hidden in the past with the faster MPVs and estates. The Astra version with a VXR performance of turbocharged 2.0litre, 276bhp sledgehammer- all this was a part of the car although this is not the priority of the public for now as they are expecting something new and fresh. Cascada is the only car designed by Vauxhall as their first mid-sized convertible in the 70 years; previous cars were built by third party companies.


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