Best Car Tech You’ll Hear a Lot About in 2019


Car Security Gadgets.The USA is home to over 250 million registered vehicles and an overwhelming majority of families have at least one. However, a lot goes into owning a car and it isn’t always smooth sailing. You need to evaluate your needs, narrow down your list of cars and set a budget. From there you need to conduct some research (such as using to check the history of the vehicle) and ultimately make your purchase.

But once the car is purchased, the work doesn’t stop there. Once you own your car, you need to be sure to protect and secure it. Unfortunately, there are billions of dollars lost to auto theft every year. In addition to that, millions of people get their cars broken into. As a result, it is important to take steps to ensure the security of your vehicle.

While good practices like parking in well-lit areas and hiding valuables is a good way to deter potential car thieves, they aren’t the only way. In fact, there are a number of great gadgets out there that can take your car security to the next level.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering Wheel Lock.(via:

While they have been around for a long time, steering wheel locks are still among the best gadgets out there to protect your vehicle. A steering wheel lock is attached to your wheel and will stop the car’s wheels from turning. Normally they attach horizontally on the steering wheel, which will not allow anyone to drive away with your vehicle. In addition to being useful, they are also very easy to install and take off, and can be found affordably.

They are also often made of metal or another strong material, so they won’t easily be cut off. Not only will this gadget stop people from driving away with your car, but it will also deter them from even entering it. People who steal from cars want a quick and easy target, so if they see a security measure in place like a steering wheel lock, they are likely to look elsewhere.

Car Tracker

Sometimes, no matter what sort of deterrent is in place, a thief will get away with a car. If they do, you need something that will help you at least be able to help you get your car back in one piece. There is no better gadget for this than a car tracker. Technically, this is not an anti-theft gadget or device, but it can assist you in finding your car after it has been stolen.

These trackers will often use GPS to track your vehicle, which can make it easier for police to locate it before too much time passes. Sure, these are quite a bit more expensive than many of the other options included in this article, but are still well cheaper than having to buy a new car if yours is stolen.

Security Camera

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When your car is broken into, one of the first thing you think about is who could have done it and what do they look like. Well, if you have an in-car security camera you will be able to see for yourself. There are a number of these available, some which can be seen and hopefully deter thieves, and others that are more hidden to catch people in the act. Many of them will connect to your phone and have the capability to send audio and video right to your device.

Most are easy to install and can show you what is happening both inside and outside the car. This will ensure you absolutely catch the face and/or voice of the perpetrator. Again, these are quite expensive, but are one of the best ways to actually catch the person or people who are breaking into your car and attempting to steal things. In addition to in-car cameras to protect yourself, you could also consider installing security cameras at your house to watch over your car.

Kill Switch

This is a fairly advanced gadget, but is effective nonetheless. A kill switch is essentially something that will disrupt the flow of electricity in your car, rendering it undrivable. There are numerous different kinds of kill switches and several ways to install them. Once a kill switch goes off, it will be impossible for your car to be started or stolen. Of course, to prevent the thief from simply flipping the switch, either have it hidden or have a more robust type of kill switch in place.

Installing a switch can involve a lot of knowledge and skills, so you are better off working with a professional to ensure it gets done right. In addition to having a kill switch hidden somewhere in your car to go off when a certain thing happens, there are also kill switches which you can remotely activate.

In conclusion, we hope that the car security gadgets shown in this article are able to help you protect your vehicle better than ever before. Everyone thinks their car is safe, until it isn’t, so always have vehicle safety and security in mind.


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