CAR reader spots the Renault’s Twizy police car


At worst, the Renault Twizy, you might think, isn’t a relevant new car choice at all – too draughty, too slow, too hemmed in by its 60-mile range. On the other hand, it’s a cheap-to run, zero-emission bundle of fun that shows there’s still life in the beleaguered and battle-scarred French car industry.
Initially the Twizy might make you think of going with a completely new car. But even if it offers a 60 mile and is too slow and draughty, it is cheap, no heavy maintenance and absolute zero emission. With so much in the offering, sure this is one car that still has life in it.
What remains a big question unanswered is, when you dial 999, the respond comes in the form of police in a Twizy. How would that be? it could be a laughably reaction or sensible choice for the police?
It does seem unbelievable to digest anything as of now, but we have captured a Renault Twizy police car in motion on the Gran Canaria Island.
How would it seem to see the police moving in a Twizy. Are you ready for it?
For all those who are having a hard time digesting this reality, they can see it for themselves. The shots taken by CAR Reader let out the truth from the sack. The police on the Canary Islands are posing a new look altogether,
While patrolling, the car is definitely catching the interests of most people, especially the local crowd. The crowd seems to be quite excited while seeing the police in this new avatar. The CAR Reader who captured the scene suggests that it was a wonderful feeling to see the town people excited about the change.
It is clear that Britain is nowhere going to with the Twizy for its cops, but this concept has been fitting well with some of the cities, it has been a compelling experience. However, adding the panda car to the streets for monitoring is not a bad idea. Especially on the weekend, where a tab could be kept on the youth, mostly the alcohol and drug indulged youngsters.
The 17bhp Twizy could play the silent role and catch the youth in act. It would be the perfect powertrain.


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