CAR Reader Spies Mini Cooper S (2013)


CAR reader Marc G S Chapman has taken some pictures of the new BMW Mini. It is disguised but it looks like it is almost ready. The car was seen as part of a convoy of four cars in Buckinghamshire where it was going through some testing. It is due to debut in Frankfurt in September this year.
This new car will have the option of different body styles with a three and five door version available. There will be more space inside as well with a slightly bigger dimension than previous models. There will be a taller bonnet and the front will overhand longer which will mean that itw ill better protect pedestrians if it crashes.
The cabin will be very much simplified. There will no longer be a central speedometer and there will be a more BMW like arrangement. There will be a rev counter and speedometer behind the steering wheel. There will still be a vertical centre console as well as toggle switches but everything will be rather higher in quality.
The front wheel drive architecture is the same as the new generations BMW 1 series has. They also both have an iDrive infotainment system.
The car spotted is the Cooper S. This can be identified by the covered bonnet scoop, sporty alloys, dual exhausts and rear spoiler. It is likely to get a four cylinder turbocharged engine which could do around 200bhp. The entry level version will have three pot power as opposed to the 1.6s that is in current models. This should help to improve the fuel efficiency.


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