Car Detailing Basics: How to Keep Your Car Shiny and Pristine


How to Keep Your Car Shiny and PristineCar owners only want one thing: keep their beloved vehicle in pristine condition. Be it an SUV, truck, or sedan, they want their cars to be in their “showroom state.” However, keeping it as it just rolled off the production line can be challenging for most. Each has his own set of tricks or tips on how to maintain its shine. Here are some car-detailing basics you should consider:

Evaluate its body

Before detailing your car, it’s essential to evaluate its body first. A keen eye for details is vital to spot imperfections or damage to its body. Use your hands and run them over your vehicle’s body to check for possible rugged spots or any uneven bump on its surface. Don’t forget to inspect it for water spots or signs of road tar. If you see paint fade on any of the body panels, bring it to an auto body shop. They have automotive paint booths and paint specialists who can make the necessary bodywork to bring your car in tip-top shape.

Wash it properly

Proper washing will improve your car’s shine and prevent paint damage. You need water and car shampoo when detailing your vehicle. Use a bucket of water to remove dirt and grime from its body. Rinse the bucket and fill it up with fresh water. Repeat the process when cleaning the undercarriage and wheels. Mix a generous amount of automotive shampoo and water to clean your car thoroughly.

Start from its roof until you’ve cleaned the tires and wheels. Rinse the entire vehicle with fresh water to avoid soap and water streaks. Use microfiber towels when drying your vehicle. These will protect its paint from swirling or marring. Always keep your car under the shade after washing it to prevent paint fade.

Polish it thoroughly

After washing and drying your vehicle’s body, recheck it for scratches or swirl marks. Professional car detailers use orbital polishing machines to eliminate these scratches. You will need a bit of elbow grease, as this can take hours to complete. Don’t be aggressive, and use gentle strokes while polishing your car’s exteriors. If you see deep scratches, there are compounds and scratch remover kits available on the market for you to use.

A coat of wax keeps it flawless

Car wax helps protect the vehicle’s paint from the harsh elements and keep it spotless. Depending on your vehicle size, it’s recommended to divide it into different areas. This makes it easier to focus and put wax on each area. Avoid applying wax in a circular motion because this can leave swirl marks on the body’s paint.

A back-and-forth motion is recommended because it helps spread the wax evenly. Foam applicators which are already caked with wax should be discarded. Give its body a final polish with a microfiber towel or an orbital buffer.

An immaculate car reflects its owner’s attitude on cleanliness and helps reflect its market value. Consider these simple detailing strategies to maintain your vehicle’s classic and elegant look.


  1. My dad would like to have his car’s interior clean because his grandchild threw up in it, which is why we’re thinking of hiring a car detailing service. Well, it never occurred to me that washing the car with water and shampoo may help prevent the pain from damaging. I’ll also keep in mind to recheck the vehicle for any scratches and swirl marks.


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