Captured Spy Photos Reveal 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7


The recent update on 2/27 has revealed a fresh slew of photos showing the camouflaged C7 Corvette, and the car was undergoing cold weather testing at the time the photos were taken. The original point of view that the design changes would be more evolutionary than revolutionary has not changed, and the fresh images show a couple of more details very clearly. There is a set of LED lights that are strewn throughout the headlight clusters, and the B-pillar is probably going to be thicker and flow more directly into the classic sail panel. If this last point is true, then it will prove that the wraparound rear glass on the current Corvette will be abandoned. Even though the car is under some heavy camouflage, there is a careful examination that reveals that the new backlight will be positioned at a much less severe angle of rake than the current Corvette model. Read on to learn more about what we have discovered about the C7.
We understand it. You’re here to see pictures of the new Corvette C7. Take a look at the picture gallery. Then keep reading below after you’re done looking at them.

Here is the information we currently know about the new Chevrolet Corvette.

What are the chassis like? There was not a drastic switch over to a mid-engine layout. The Corvette will still keep the front-engine and rear-transaxle look until the C8 comes out. Something that is very akin to the current car’s suspension, with transverse leaf springs and everything, will come out on this 2014 model. There won’t be any big dimensional changes either. Even though the mules that were spotted in September looked to have a narrower tracker, their bodies were actually substituted from the C6 Grand Sports, and they have wider fenders and tracks than the basic corvettes do. The C7 is likely to get rid of a lot more mass which will give it a better power-to-weight ratio.

What is the design going to be like? The design should be like the Corvette. The new headlight parts are going to be more complicated and narrow. There will still be a double-bubble roof though. The area in between the bumps is going to be wider, and the panel will be a lot flatter though. There’s a mesh covering on the hood, and this will mean that there is some type of ventilation, something either like louvers or something similar to what the scoop is like on the current Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1 nose. The side mirrors are going to have more of a rounded look too, and they will be a lot bigger.

There are some critical details that are undisclosed by the camo though. The final shape and look of the rear end, for example, is something that GM has decided to cover up. There’s probably going to be more a boat-like tail in the back too. There is also some extra padding included, so it is hard to tell if the rear overhang is lengthier or not, and no one can tell. The car will also have some round taillights like it had in previous models, but the sizing and spacing are undisclosed. The quad exhaust tips, which were separated on the C6, are now coming together in a bundle.

What about the powertrain? There are going to be a lot of significant changes under the hood. GM has already spent about $1 billion investing in the factories that are building these little targeted V-8 engines, and the fifth generation of the engine will come out in the C7. There will probably need to be some downsizing of the engine to make it more efficient, and there will probably be a 5.5-liter engine instead of the current 6.2 model. The reason it will work is because there will be a higher compression ratio and direct fuel injection as well. The V-8 engine is also expected to have some cylinder deactivation, variable valve timing, and stop-start functionality. These are all expected features in the engine. The Z06 and ZR1 models should also come back too.

What about the timing? Chevrolet is really keeping all the details closed on this one, but the C7 will probably come out as a 2014 model in 2013 or so. There might be a fall sale date. Prices shouldn’t deviate much from the current models, and the base car starting price should be around $50,000.


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