Camry-inspired Toyota RAV4 prototype caught


Camry-inspired Toyota RAV4 prototype caught
There is not much of a change that has been brought about in the Toyota RAV4 besides its EV counterpart that has been given a shiny finish. You can easily make out how much changed it would look now. We all know that the last change that was brought in the design of RAV4 was some 6 years back, people are expecting some good change to be brought about now. Some new changes can easily be spotted now only such as the front fascia and many more with respect to the design elements. RAV4 is undoubtedly quite a good looking small car, however with a lot of changes and crossovers being added up to the car, it wont be surprising to find this model gaining up a dose of rakishness. Well, you can expect this from Toyota anyways.
With respect to the other features of the car, they seem to be quite sleek, however, you can expect the interiors of the car to get changed mainly incorporating some new features such as the infotainment system etc.  You can expect the car to have a four cylinder engine, however there is rumor of a hybrid variant to be also introduced in the market. Besides this, one cannot rule out the possibility of including the 3.5liter V6 engine as well.
You can expect the new model of RAV4 to be debuted later during this year so as to be just in time for the 2013.


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