Camoflauged Jaguar XE Seen at Nurburgring


Camoflauged Jaguar XE Seen at Nurburgring
The new Jaguar XE has been shown off on social media sites free of disguise, but when seen testing on the Nurburgring recently it had swirly disguise back on it. It is difficult to even tell what it is but there are some interesting details to see, if you look carefully enough.
From the photos the back of the car is very visible. This is great because the rear is pretty quirky. The boot itself is very short which makes it look almost like it is not there at all but you can see the top edge of it. The glass on the back of the car runs under the overhang or the roof which forms a spoiler that is integrated in to the design and looks rather odd in some people’s eyes. Despite the disguise it is clear to see that the front has sharp headlights and a blunt edge in the same way as is expected. They have tried a few different things compared to their close competitors, the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series,
There have already been some technical details revealed. The platform will be the same aluminium one that is under the C-X17 crossover concept and the engine will be a 2.0 litre turbocharges four cylinder. This will have a petrol and a diesel option. The car is expected to appear on most markets in 2015 and in the US in 2016.
The X-Type did not do to well for Jaguar when they tried to enter this part of the market before. This means that they are working even harder on the Sedan which they will hope will have a significant impact.


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