Cadillac’s Seen During Testing


Not one, but two prototypes of the Cadillac CTS were recently pictured in a parking area outside a supermarket in California recently. There has been a lot of speculation about them and what they actually were and with so much disguise it is hard to be sure whether they are the 2014 CTS-V’s. There does seem to be a V in the side mirror design, similar to that often seen in the grille of these models, so this does seem to be the most obvious choice.
The bonnet intriguingly has a double bulge but only an airbox can be seen from these photos.  It has been speculated that it will be a twin turbo engine, because an engine with this written on was spotted in the past, but the two bumps may not be for this. It could still have the V8 engine that the current model has. The exhaust looked different with a pair of tips which were in the shape of a parallelogram, which is very different to the current round pipes. There also seemed to be a new design of shifter which had some contrast stitching on it.
There are rumours that the car will officially be revealed later this year. It is expected that the design will be more arty rather than the more scientific design of the current model and so it could look significantly different.


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