Cadillac SRX Replacement Seen for First Time


Cadillac SRXCadillac is planning on making some big changes to its line up of cars soon and this includes crossovers, coupes and sedans. The first of these will be a replacement for the SRX. This new model is expected to be called XT5 as the brand is changing the way that it names its models. It will be a crossover based on the C1XX platform which is also new and is scalable. The platform is expected to be kept short for the XT5, GMC Arcadia and a Chevy Crossover. In the longer form it will be used for a large Crossover as well a Buick Enclave and Chevy Transverse. The XT5 will be powered by either a turbo four or atmospheric six engine depending on what the customer wants and it is possible it will be powered with the new nine speed automatic from GM. The photos are hard to make though, really because of the amount of camouflage on the car. The photographers have reported that the grille looks very much like the one on the new ATS coupe and that there is a sloping rear window behind what looks like a boxy shape. Radar sensors can also be seen and the mirrors have been moved from the windows on to the foors. There are also two chrome exhaust pipes at the back. It is expected that the car will debut either late 2015 or early 2016 and production will take place in Spring Hill, TN.


  1. I’m excited to see what this is going to look like. I hate the cheap black plastic and the weird sloping nose of the current generation. The 1st generation was a hell of a performer. I hope they bring a little of that back with the next generation. I was thinking about getting a SRX but the designed seemed to feminine for my taste. Its hard to find CUV designed for a man. I really am leaning toward a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


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