Cadillac Pair Share Track Space


News of the Cadillac ATS-V has gone very quiet, although many people were very excited by the prospect of it. The V6 powered sedan has recently been spotted and photographed though.
As would be expected it does have some disguise, but this time has been pictured with the CTS-V as well. It is easy to see what the two cars have in common. The ATS-V seems to have a bit less disguise on the nose which means that it is easier to see some of the developments. A vertically slated grille is an interesting feature, not having been seen on an ATS-V before although it has been seen on a Cadillac V development car. As well as the grille the front fascia can be compared on both cars. They fit in nicely together.
The bonnet is interesting though as it looks like there could be some cooling vents on there which supports the rumours of the 425 horsepower engine, but it is hard to know for sure what is hiding under the camouflage. There are swollen fenders as well and the larger wheels are hiding bigger btakes. The back of the car is also covered in camouflage but its quad exhausts can be seen which are similar to those on other prototypes of the ATS-V.


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